Key Issues We Face in Chelsea and Fulham


Join me in the fight to Stop Brexit, strengthen local services and protect our NHS.


Stopping Brexit – with everything it takes

The threat of Brexit pollutes every aspect of government and its ability to deliver services.

From the scandal of escalating medicine shortages, to the thousands of jobs already lost from the UK; From a future of chlorinated chicken from the US in our supermarket fridges, to the removal of the environmental standards that helped the UK clean up its polluted skies and coastlines.   This is not ‘project fear’, it is ‘project reality’.

In the referendum, a massive 69% voted to remain in the EU in Kensington & Chelsea. The position in Fulham was the same, and our MP simply refuses to represent the views of his constituents. The feedback we have on the doorstep is that Boris Johnson has tried to take us out of the EU with no deal, people’s desire to stop Brexit has increased even further.


Why Brexit is local

Even the government’s own forecasts paint a grim picture, but what’s being hidden is that Brexit will impact on local funding and local services.

Our councils provide a huge range of services including education, elderly care and community policing in Chelsea and Fulham.  These services are partially funded from a central government grant. The Conservatives have been increasing the services delivered by our local councils and, at the same time, systematically cutting the grant that funds them.

Brexit will only increase the cuts. If we leave the EU, the economy will slow down, reducing tax income locally and nationally, which means cuts. Bigger cuts than seen during austerity.

Greg Hands and Boris Johnson have not listened to the people of Chelsea & Fulham.  They are only interested in pandering to the right wing of their party and stopping the Brexit party.  Their reckless actions will impact on our local services and Labour knows it but won’t take the stand required because of the splits in its own party.

Stopping Brexit will help get our local services back on track.



We must save the NHS, caring for our hospitals the way they have cared for us. Boris Johnson says it is the doctors’ fault the NHS has rising waiting lists. I was on the Board of Hampshire Hospitals for nine years and I am currently on the Board of a London NHS Trust.  The doctors and nurses that I speak to tell me about the increasing needs of our ageing population and the need to integrate primary care (doctors’ surgeries) and secondary care (hospitals).  They also tell me that things will only get better for the NHS if we have proper provision of social care. I know who I believe.

On top of that, the Brexit-induced staffing crisis means hospitals are now indebted with massive bills for agency staff to cover the staffing gap. We have 97,000 unfilled posts in the NHS, and we may now lose even more of our hard-working nurses - just because they were born in the EU.

In their place we will have to hire more agency staff, costing double or triple of those permanent employees, to pay for their sourcing, training, and wages.

I love the NHS, and that’s another reason I’m fighting hard to Stop Brexit.


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